As green builders and building performance nerds we are constantly pushing the bar. We do this because high performance buildings are more comfortable, durable, efficient and healthy; and these are qualities that our clients want in their homes.  A few components of high performance green buildings include: adequate insulation, air sealing, ventilation, rain screen details and a durable building envelope.

  • Air sealing is the most cost effective and often first step in increasing building performance.  Quality air sealing protects indoor air quality, helps prevent moisture and mold issues, and reduces heat loss and drafts.
  • Insulation is also a highly cost effective building performance measure.  The amount and type of insulation we use is highly dependent on the building we are working on, but our standard practice is to maximize available space.  We often use cellulose because it’s recycled, local, inexpensive and super effective.
  • Intentionally placed, high quality, quiet ventilation is another building performance measure that reduces mold and moisture issues as well as increases comfort.
  • A rain screen installation helps walls manage moisture by creating a gap between the sheathing and siding, which allows the wall system to dry and eliminates water intrusion.  These details dramatically improve the durability of the siding material, paint and the house entire home.

Our building performance projects range greatly in size, from small projects to major ones. Small projects can simply include adding insulation and air sealing. In addition to insulation and air sealing major building performance projects include siding replacement, installing a weather proof barrier, insulation, airsealing, new windows and heating and ventilation. The vast majority of our building performance projects are with the Community Energy Challenge (CEC). The CEC is a program that provides full energy assessments, a customized energy action plan detailing cost-effective measures, and assists clients in applying for utility and tax rebates.

All of these projects can be integrated into major remodels or can be stand alone projects.