The focus of our work is major residential remodels, tenant improvement projects and custom new homes in Bellingham’s core neighborhoods.  Because we’re green builders, we are selective about the materials we source and all of our projects include high performance building techniques.

  • It has taken us years of building high performance homes to settle on our favorite materials. We continue to select a handful of materials because of their durability, impact on occupant health and sustainable properties; all key elements in green building.
  • All of our projects include high performance building measures.  These green building techniques often include air sealing, insulation, rainscreen details, a durable building envelope, energy efficient heating systems, and solar panels.  These measures improve the health, durability, comfort and efficiency of a home.
  • We’ve worked hard to assemble a crew that our clients are comfortable having in their homes because we want our clients to enjoy the construction phase of their project and that means liking the folks that are involved.