Vendor spotlight: North Wave Electric

At Chuckanut Builders we strive to use as many local suppliers as possible. For us, this means buying paper and pens at Griggs, printing hoodies with Innate, sourcing lumber at Bellingham Millwork and buying tools from Hardware Sales. Working with small, local businesses inspires us daily and we want to share that inspiration. We plan to do that by interviewing local businesses we frequent and sharing those interviews with you here, on our blog. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and tell us why you love these local businesses!

Business name: North Wave Electric
Owners: Chris and Megan Scherer
Started: 2003
Contact information:

Jenny: How would you describe your business to your customers?

Megan: I would start by saying that North Wave Electric is small by design. We are a family owned and operated business and we believe that it is important that Chris be personally involved in every project. Our niche is residential and light commercial electric. This is due in part to the fact that Chris works in the field with only one staff member, but also because we like that scale of project and working closely with our clients.
Over the years we have cultivated stable relationships with clients, other subcontractors and suppliers and we really value that. By staying small we can ensure the quality of our work remains high and that our customers receive the best service possible.
In addition I think that it’s important that potential customers know that we are Sustainable Connections members, that we always strive to keep the triple bottom line in mind (people/planet/profit) and we work hard to minimize waste.

Jenny: Who are your customers?

Megan: We do a lot of work on homes and small businesses that are being remodeled or need to be retrofitted. I believe our customers chose North Wave Electric because they value the fact that our business is a small and family owned, they share our values of people/planet/profit and because often someone referred them to us.

Jenny: Why should customers chose your business?

Megan: I think it could easily be summed up in one word, quality. We are detail oriented, committed to doing the job right every time and we are willing to spend time with each and every one of our clients to ensure the project will be completed correctly.