Testifying in Olympia

Have you heard of the Community Energy Challenge (CEC)?  Or perhaps worked with them to weatherize your home?  Ian recently went to Olympia to testify in favor of the bill that would renew funding for the program.  The bill is sponsored by Senator Kevin Ranker and would fund for the CEC and similar programs across the state (including Thurston Energy in Olympia.)

While testifying Ian stressed that working with the CEC helped us keep four employees busy during this slow time for contractors and that as a result of the training the crew received (from the Building Performance Center )we can now implement weatherization measures in all of our jobs.  It was also interesting for us to learn from the folks at the CEC that the program supports 84 jobs in Whatcom County.

Despite the fact that the drive took three hours and the testimonies took less than two minutes the senators really did seem to take everyones concerns seriously (or at least are good at acting like they’re listening!).  We’ll keep you all posted on the progress of this bill as it winds through state government – it’s not over yet.

Photo: Ian and Shawn Collins (Community Energy Challenge Manager) in Olympia.