Vendor Spotlight: SVC Interiors

Buying local is pretty easy in a place like Bellingham.  To celebrate that we’ve started a regular blog feature we’re calling “Vendor Spotlights”. We will highlight local vendors ranging from materials suppliers to local designers, from our favorite lunch spot to the best place to buy office paper.  This is the fourth in the series, we hope you enjoy them.

We recently discovered  SVC Interiors & Design and are so glad we did.  SVC has been designing in Bellingham for 10+ years yet remains very much out of the public eye, which is why we are excited to feature them in our “Vendor Spotlight”.  SVC offers a full range of services from design and consultation services to installation.  They have an extensive showroom with unique and current designs, experienced designers on hand to discuss interior design and they offer educational seminars for other designers about new materials.  Such a great resource!

Business name: SVC Interiors & Design
Contact info:
1701 Ellis Street #107

How would you describe your business?
SVC is a place for designers and contractors to access unique and current design materials.  People working in the “trades” can use the showroom, attend product knowledge seminars and bring clients to the showroom to view design materials.  SVC is really geared toward contractors and designers, although the showroom is open to the public as well.

Who are your customers?
SVC’s clients include designers, contractors and homeowners.  Clients have a variety of needs, from remodeling an entire home to simply updating their bedding.  SVC has worked hard to find local vendors and subcontractors that they trust and now happily suggest these local businesses to clients.  These vendors and subcontractors include seamstresses, cabinet makers, painters, flooring specialists and more!

Why should customers chose SVC?
SVC works hard to have unique, cutting edge design materials in their showroom and I’d say they are successful; the showroom is full of beautiful materials.  They have extensive displays of carpeting, hardwood floors, tile, fabrics, and so much more.  As a full service design center they can help clients source great materials, suggest subcontractors when necessary and they aren’t a retail shop.  Their goal is to help their customers create a beautiful space and have fun while they’re doing it.