Sustainable Connections Bid Local First Auction

Have you heard about the Sustainable Connections Bid Local First Auction?  The auction runs from November 19th to December 2nd and proceeds go to the Think Local First and Eat Local First Campaigns.  Auction items are varied, from relaxing retreats and experiences to oil changes!

Chuckanut Builders has an auction item!  In conjunction with Acme Farm and Kitchen and Joe Hoppis Real Estate we are offering the following:

Enjoy a dinner for up to 8 ppl, featuring delicious, seasonally inspired, locally sourced menu items, prepared by the talented crew at Acme Farm and Kitchen!    This dinner will be hosted in the new Acme Farm and Kitchen space downtown on State Street and served by the delightful and charming guys from Chuckanut Builders and Joe Hoppis Real Estate.

Acme Farm and Kitchen, Joe Hoppis Real Estate and Chuckanut Builders are currently collaborating on the new Acme Farm and Kitchen space in the Dahlquist Building on N. State Street and are excited to share this beautifully renovated space with the auction winners.

In the words of Sustainable Connection, Bid Early and Bid Often!  You only have until December 2nd.  We’d love to serve you dinner!