Jogo Gym 2013 Full in Throw Down

Over the weekend Jogo Gym hosted the 2013 Full in Throw Down.  It was a Jogo Gym members only Crossfit competition and it was a awesome! Part of the fun of the event was seeing so many ChuB friends, clients and subcontractors competing.  We were invited to help sponsor the event because Ian Rae, one of the owners of Chuckanut Builders, is a Jogo Gym member and he competed in the event.

Other event sponsors include: BarleansOnyx Coffee BarMana Bodyworks,Panacea Auto RepairRyan and Jarvis Real Estate Team, Debbie Schwab Photography, Ludeman Capital Management, IncPrescribed, Rolfing Bellingham and Sara Kallin L.M.P.

Thanks to Jogo Gym for hosting this fun event and for creating such an amazing gym!