Green Playhouse Design Build Competition

The second deadline for the green PLAYHOUSE design build competition is nearly here and our team, Bellingham Playhouse Works is ready (well, almost).  It’s time to submit our design and in finalizing the details we’re also getting really excited about our playhouse!

The intent of this competition is to educate all age groups about how green buildings can inspire their inhabitants and make the world a better place.  Our team, Bellingham Playhouse Works, includes Aaron Westgate, Molly Maguire, and Black Fin Design and our mission and belief is:

…that the work of children is to play, and in playing they will learn. Our playhouse will encourage imaginative play in an environment that inspires discovery, creativity, and adaptive re-use. In this environment they can build upon their innate desire to explore and learn.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate imaginative play and green building into this small structure in a way that facilitates learning and discovery.  We hope you’ll  join us the weekend of the event, June 22-23, at the Light Catcher Museum to play and learn about green building.

In the meantime follow event details on the green PLAYHOUSE design build competition Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of the Boulder green PLAYHOUSE and design competition.