Improving communication

Throughout the building process there are countless decisions that need to be made.  It is essential that everyone involved in the process be on the same page throughout the job.  That is why we added an online project management system to our website last year.

Specifically, we started using Builder Trend.  It is a web-based home builder software that facilitates fast and effective communication between builders, customers, vendors, and trade contractors.  The beauty of this system is that it is completely web based and provides real-time access to scheduling, change orders, documents, photos, warranty information, and home owner selections.  We’ve found that it is especially useful for jobs when the clients are out of town frequently and when there are a large number of materials selections that need to be made.

Historically we have relied heavily on email communications and meetings, and while these are still a huge part of the communication process with clients, Builder Trend allows us, clients and trade contractors to access all of the job information in one central, web-based location.