Are gadgets killing energy efficiency gains?

We really like graphs at Chuckanut Builders. It’s such an easy way to convey alot of information. This graph is no exception, check it out!

In 1993 roughly 48% of residential energy consumption in U.S. homes was for heating and cooling, compared to 58% in 1993.  A few factors are to thank for these savings, including: more efficient equipment, better insulation, and more efficient windows.  Sounds great, right?  Yes, but during that time period energy consumption for appliances, electronics and lighting increased by over 10%!  While many appliances have become more efficient over that time period the increased number of devices that consume energy in homes has offset efficiency gains.

Are all of our gadgets killing our energy efficiency gains?  From the above graph the answer looks yes!  You can read the full article here for more information and to find solutions.