Photo of the week

Have you heard of Sparkle Friday?  Let me tell you about it.  At Chuckanut Builders we pride ourselves on keeping a clean job site every day. That said, we think it’s especially important on Fridays.  So, every Friday the crew puts in a little extra effort to give the job site the Friday Sparkle.  The crew spends a little extra time cleaning, organizing, and straightening up the job.  To be honest, it’s as much for the crew as the clients.  We know that our clients appreciate that their home is clean (as clean as an in-progress job site can be!) for the weekend.  And our crew knows that on Monday when they get to work the site will be ready to go.

sparkle friday

The above picture was taken at a project we’re currently working on just before the crew headed home. Sparkle Friday is a beautiful thing!