The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Round-up is a a place to share interesting articles and blog posts we’ve read throughout the week that we think folks will enjoy, be inspired by or learn something from!  From building science to community building, there will be a little of everything.  Enjoy!

Chuckanut Builders- Labor Day
How we spent Labor Day!

~ The recently opened Center for Sustainable Landscapes, in Pennsylvania, is one of the world’s greenest buildings. The new structure is the first building project to pursue all three of the highest green architecture and landscape standards: the Living Building Challenge, LEED Platinum and Sustainable Sites Initiative certification.

~ Have you heard about Bellingham’s Alley District?

~ Bite of Bellingham is coming up, put it on your calendar!

~ Ok, it’s pretty dramatic and silly, but this video might convince your kids to turn off the lights!

~ Biomimicry is cool! The Bullitt Center in Seattle mimics a Douglas fir forest and is 80 percent more efficient than a typical commercial structure because of it.