The Weekly Round-Up

The Weekly Round-up is a a place to share interesting articles and blog posts we’ve read throughout the week that we think folks will enjoy, be inspired by or learn something from!  From building science to community building, there will be a little of everything.  Enjoy!

~ Lovely, rugged kitchen with industrial design, including concrete work surfaces, stainless appliances and industrial grade spotlights.

~ Retrofitting existing neighborhoods for ecodistrict requires a blend of technical expertise, community empowerment and social capacity building.  It also offers opportunities to promote eco-friendly behavior while maintaining community character and equity.

~ At the EcoDistrict Summit 2013 leading city builders, policymakers, and civic entrepreneurs will consider how to incorporate EcoDistricts into existing neighborhoods.

~ Chuckanut Builders hosted a Whatcom Investing Network social last night, it was great.  Thanks to Aslan Brewery for bringing the beer!

~ This building challenges the ideas of waste and what it means to throw that waste away, because in this building there is no away.