Where the money went in 2013

At Chuckanut Builders we value buying local, we prioritize buying local.  That said, we think it’s essential to look at where we spent our money at the end of each year so that we can identify what areas we need to work on.  Hence, the “where the money went” graph.   In 2013 almost 90% of the money Chuckanut Builders spent was at businesses based in Whatcom County.  Equally exciting is the fact that 95% of spending was with businesses that are headquartered in Washington state!  The majority of our “out of state” spending was on technology, internet based services and phone expenses.  I think it’s fair to say that we’ve found the low hanging fruit and that it’s going to take some work to move this percentage closer to 100%.  That said, I’m confident that we’ll keep chipping away at it.


Where the money went 2013*Note- These figures do not include insurance or taxes.