Turning a historic homes design challenges into design opportunities

Remodeling older homes presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities.  On the one hand the unique design elements add character and originality to the home.  On the other hand, you have the constraints of the space that can be both difficult and costly to change.  We recently remodeled a small bathroom for a client and were lucky to work with Michelle Banks of Spiral Studios. She turned the limitations of the space into interesting design details that added to both the character and functionality of the bathroom.


The bathroom had two big design challenges.  One was the awkward, low angled ceiling in one corner that was a result of the roof line.  The other was size of the bathroom, just 55 square feet. Adding onto the bathroom wasn’t an option, so we tackled the awkward, low ceiling. Changing the roofline was discussed and quickly dismissed, given the expense it simply didn’t make sense.  So, Michelle took this “obstacle” and turned it into a feature by incorporating it in the shower design. This simple yet distinct change led the rest of the bathroom design.

This feature now added visual interest to the shower and created space for built in shelving. It also opened up a space for a full height linen cabinet. To work around the door placement and save on floor space, a pedestal sink and narrow vanities were installed. The end result is a bright, comfortable space with plenty of storage and counter space!

This project showcases our belief that design challenges really can be opportunities, and highlights that  we simply have to be flexible and creative enough to embrace those challenges.