Powering saws with solar panels

Solar Panels with EcotechDid you read the recent Whatcom Magazine  article about solar power in Whatcom County?  In it Dana Brandt, owner of Ecotech Energy states, “Whatcom County is a good place to go solar.”  When Hank and Karen, current Chuckanut Builders clients, met and discussed solar power with Dana they agreed.  So last week, mid-construction, Ecotech installed the system and soon we’ll be powering our table saws with solar panels!

There is a lot of excitement around solar right now in Whatcom County, due in part to Itek Energy.  Itek Energy is located in Bellingham and they build both the solar panels and inverters.  This is important because there are currently  Washington State and federal incentives for installing panels made in Washington.   These systems have the potential to have a complete return on investment within the first 4-6 years of operation.  Talk to Dana at Ecotech for details and to see if solar makes sense for you.

In addition to adding solar panels to their home Hank and Karen completed an energy assessment with the Community Energy Challenge and our weatherization crew will be weatherizing their home.  This include insulation, air sealing and the installation of a mini-split heat pump and an HRV system by Northwest Energy Systems.  The combination of all of these components are energy efficient and they improve the comfort of the home by eliminating cold spots.  Additionally they improve indoor air quality and building durability.  Which is why this is the heating system we recommend to all of our clients!