2014 Year End Review

The year end review is becoming something of a tradition here at ChuB. Every year it takes a slightly different form but it generally includes a graph of where the money went, our favorite photos of the year, and a list of the awesome local organizations that we’re proud to support with both sweat equity and donations. This year we decided to hold off on making the graph until later in January but we added a map of all of our CEC projects to date. I’m so glad we did!

Top 10 photos of 2014

ChuB CEC Projects

Since 2011, the year the Community Energy Challenge began, we have completed 132 Community Energy Challenge projects! In 2015 we’re looking forward to taking part in the Remodel + CEC Pilot Project.  This program will help clients combine a major home remodel with a major building performance update. This will save the home owners money while increasing their opportunities for deeper energy retrofits. Pretty exciting.

Chuckanut Builders CEC clients map 2

Helping out around the community

This year we built the stage at the String Band Jamboree and had a blast! It was a great way to kick off the Jamboree for the crew and we’re happy that can support such a great community building event with sweat equity. We also helped with the Lighting of the Village Green in Fairhaven and as part of our ongoing effort to help fight global climate change, we were sponsors of the ReSources No Coal Porter event.
I’d be remiss not to say thanks to all of our clients, from this year and years past. They’ve inspired us to learn more about building performance, made us scratch our heads at complicated (err, interesting) design details and made us thankful for engaging and meaningful work.