Blakely Island trim material

IMG_2759Arthur Johnson, of Artworks Construction, and Adam have been hard at work on the trim and finish carpentry at the Whatcom Center for Early Learning and it’s beautiful.  The trim material also has a great story.

The material was harvested in the San Juan Islands, on Blakely Island. Our friend Carson Sprenger, the owner of Rainshadow Consulting, created a forest management plan for Blakely Island. The management plan includes some selective thinning. Snavely Timberworks and Jeffrey Elkins, of Renew Wood, milled the lumber that is being harvested.

IMG_2758The material has proven to be a perfect match for the Whatcom Center for Early Learning as we’re matching the existing trim.  Snavely Timberworks isn’t currently FSC certified but they are working towards certification. We’re excited to have a local source of high quality, FSC certified materials and hope that we have the opportunity to work with Snavely Timberworks again in the future.