Helping out at Make.Shift

Last weekend Cole Miller, our Building Performance Manager, spent a few hours volunteering at Make.Shift. The primary goal was to increase the sound proofing in three of the recording studios. What’s the best way to do that? Add insulation! Cole used nearly 20 bags of green, local, recycled cellulose insulation and from the sounds of it, it helped! Cole didn’t stop with insulation; he repaired a few doors and patched walls as well.

We’re excited to support local non-profit organizations, especially when we can do it by improving their space. Make.Shift is a DIY art and music venue dedicated to innovative, alternative art and music. The space includes an art gallery, live all-ages music venue and 18 individual art and music studios. They provide a space for painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, musicians, and anyone else that needs an affordable place to make a mess or a racket and show it off.#3 CHuB