The fridge

Space for the fridgeI stopped by a kitchen remodeling project yesterday to take ‘before’ pictures. The clients were home and we chatted about the project, their home and the elements of their kitchen that they were excited to be rid of! The first thing I noticed about the kitchen was how small everything was. The woman that lived in the home before our clients was apparently on the small side and she had the kitchen outfitted accordingly. This meant the kitchen counters, the oven and the fridge were all shorter than normal. None of these things were big issues, expect the fridge. Not only was it short, it was also noisy and inefficient. So our clients went shopping.  But they quickly realized that no one makes fridges that small anymore! From there, the conversation grew from “We need a new fridge” to “We need to remodel the kitchen.” Which lead them to us! It’s funny how one thing can lead to another isn’t it?