Imagine! This Home and Landscape Tour

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.53.49 PMWe are busy gearing up for the Imagine! This Home and Landscape Tour and I can’t wait! There are 10 stops on the tour this year and they all look amazing. Sustainable Connections made the awesome decision to organize a Sustainable Living Festival in coordination with the tour, which we’re excited about.

The Sustainable Living Festival is a great opportunity for tour-goers to meet local vendors and learn about energy improvements, water-reuse and efficiency, urban farming tools, products and service, native landscape plants and installers, green building and more! And, the festival is free. The Sustainable Living Festival is going to be held in next to the beautiful South Bay Trail near Plantas Nativa, which is such a sweet spot! We’re sharing a booth with Michelle of Spiral Design. The booth will be stocked with ‘green’ materials including tiles, countertop materials, Paperstone, bowling alley slab, cabinet samples, marmoleum and whatever else Michelle comes up with.

We also have a project on the tour this year. We’re stop number four, the Rambler Revamp. This stop is a beauty and has so many great green building features, building performance updates, rain gardens, solar panels, beautiful reclaimed fir cabinets, ducks and more. If you’re planning to go to the tour please come by, it’s a great house. The entire integrated design team will be on hand throughout the weekend to answer questions. The team includes Molly Maguire Landscape Architecture, Armadillo Design Lab, [bundle] design studio, and Bourne Engineering. Note that tickets for the tour are $10 and you can get them beforehand or the day of. Hope to see you on the tour or at the festival!