It’s time for a party!

Chuckanut Builders beer coaster in kitchen remodelSometimes it feels like it was just the other day that we sat around the pub table, at Boundary Bay Brewing, and settled on a name, Chuckanut Builders. We wanted a name that conveyed reliability, stability, and respect for tradition. We aspired to run a business that took care of it’s employees, treated it’s subcontractors and vendors well, embraced green building techniques and strove to embrace the triple bottom line.

It’s been five years since that conversation began and we’re still hard at work living up to those aspirations. Although, there are now a lot more Chubbies helping reach them than in the early days! We knew that starting a business, as a general contractor, in 2010 wouldn’t be easy. It hasn’t been. But here we are, five years later. If we could boil down what we’ve learned in those five years to one, simple statement it might be this: take care of people and they’ll take care of you. In that vein we’re having a party to say thanks.  Thanks to everyone that has helped make ChuB what it is. Thanks to clients, employees, subcontractors, vendors, family, and friends. An amazing community has banded around ChuB and we are so grateful for it.

The party will be at the shop (1326 N. State St.) on August 25th from 5-7. Hope you can join us in celebrating five good years and raising a glass to many more good years ahead!