A few changes around ChuB

We celebrated our 5th year in business this August and that 5 year mark offered opportunity for change and growth. Namely, we expanded our building performance division decided to bring interior design in house.

Michelle BanksIn-house interior design

The idea of bringing interior design in-house had been a topic of discussion for some time and the catalyst came when Michelle Banks came along. Michelle Banks is the owner of Spiral Studios and previously worked at Smith and Vallee Woodworks designing cabinets and furniture. Bringing interior design in-house will help ensure that the final project matches the original design, client’s budgets are used wisely and both design and construction time are reduced. Michelle is great at synthesizing a client’s needs and wants and creating a beautiful aesthetics.

Expanded building performance division

The decision to expand our building performance division was prompted by a really great Community Energy Challenge project. _DSC0126 (1)The house is essentially a drafty log home. We added cork exterior insulation and a weatherproof barrier, replaced the siding and completed extensive air sealing and insulation. These measures greatly improved the efficiency of the home. Our crew loved working on the project and we saw an opportunity. Our crew can dramatically increase the performance of a typical window and siding replacement by using high performance building materials.

We are excited about both of these changes. They are both natural next steps for our business that will help streamline the building process for our clients. They will also fill an important niche in the Bellingham building community.