A hybrid weather proof barrier system

_DSC0213One of our current projects involves a second story dormer addition. We opted for a hybrid system using Zip Panels and Prosoco seam and joint filler for our weather resistive barrier. The seam and joint filler is not on the Living Building Challenge’s Red List, which means that the materials have been deemed safe and not harmful to living creatures, including humans, by the U.S. EPA and the European Union Commission on Environment.
Zip Panels are a sheet of formaldehyde free OSB with an integrated air and water resistant barrier. The panels streamline the weatherization process because the crew only has to install and seam seal the panels as compared to installing OSB, putting up and then taping the Tyvek.

_DSC0216This Green Building Advisor article covers the pro’s and con’s of the system as well as more installation details, get more Zip Panel details here.