Help us save the world

If you’re fired up about saving the world and think one of the best ways to combat global climate change is by improving existing building stock we might have the job for you. The position title is Building Performance Manager and the nitty gritty is that we are looking for someone who can run our building performance program as well as work on the building performance crew.

Our ideal candidate has experience in project management or building performance. They should also share our interest in sustainable building and our desire to save the world. See the overview below or read the full job description here.

Job Description
The Building Performance Manager will help us save the world by reducing carbon emissions one house at a time. In the U.S. 40% of carbon emissions are used in residential and commercial buildings. Simply building new, green buildings is not the answer; we need to improve the existing building stock. The majority of building performance work we perform is run through the Community Energy Challenge.

Note that we are looking for an applicant with project management or building performance experience. Clearly both would be a bonus! We’ve worked hard to create a company that people want to a part of and (most days) folks want to come to work every day. We’re looking for someone who values those efforts. It’s also very important that you are committed to fighting climate change.

The dirty part of the job will include insulation installation, work in crawl spaces and attics, identifying and repairing duct work and other building performance related work. Work may also include helping with heat pump installation and carpentry and building performance on remodels and new construction.

The position is a full time, salaried position starting in mid-November. The position will remain open until filled.

To apply please send a letter of interest and resume to Forest and Ian with “Building Performance Manager” in the subject line.