A tour of Retrotec

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Local blower door and duct testing manufacturer!

We recently learned that Retrotec, a blower door and duct testing manufacturing company, is located in Everson. We had no idea! As a building performance contractor committed to buying local we were shocked we’d never met the folks at Retrotec. We quickly set to remedying it. We are also now using Retrotec equipment. Specifically, we are now using the duct tester and blower door. I also got to tour the Retrotec facility and learned some of the company history.

About Retrotec

Retrotec has been manufacturing blower door and duct testing equipment for over 30 years. They’ve moved around a bit. They started in Ottawa, Canada, moved to Queen St. in Bellingham and eventually moved to Everson. Initially each piece of equipment was a handbuilt prototype, built specifically for each client. This was clearly expensive. As time went by duct testing equipment became more mainstream, prices dropped and production is now streamlined. The folks at Retrotec assemble equipment on-site and complete equipment repair in-house. They have a trade in and upgrade option and sell refurbished equipment.

Retrotec equipment is sold around the world. Nearly half of their sales are in overseas markets. Due to this market they recently completed their accreditation with ANAB. The accreditation is required to sell their equipment in Europe. It provides quality control oversight as well as certifying that the manufacturing process is monitored.