Toward Net Zero Event

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Toward Net Zero Event

This winter we started a major remodeling project that was part of the Toward Net Zero pilot project. The project was run by the Community Energy Challenge. Identifying the most cost-effective ways to achieve maximum energy savings in residential retrofit construction was the primary objective.

A standard CEC single-family residential retrofit achieves an average of 20-25% energy savings. The Toward Net Zero (TNZ) pilot project built upon this success, but aims to achieve 50% or greater energy reductions while maintaining or improving indoor air quality.

The CEC also wanted to increase contractor familiarity with common building performance techniques and to initiate dialogue in the industry. We are hosting an event at the TNZ project to achieve these goals.

Event details

Who: Anyone interested in deep energy retrofits, including homeowners and folks in the industry
When: January 31st from 4:30-6:30
Where: 1850 Northshore Drive (parking is limited, please consider carpooling)

Global climate change is real and at Chuckanut Builders we are committed to fighting it. We know that there are many ways to take action. At Chuckanut Builders we think of buildings and homes first, because that’s what we do. Our job is to improve the performance of buildings.  To make them more efficient, durable, comfortable and healthy. We realize that we can do more. We can talk about the building performance techniques we use, share our lessons learned and discuss our favorite materials and how we use them. Join us!