What resistance looks like at Chuckanut Builders

Insulation details on a deep energy retrofit.

What resistance looks like at Chuckanut Builders

Earlier this week we received an email from Aaron Fairchild. Aaron is the CEO of Green Canopy Homes. He suggested resisting the current administration with our pocketbooks. Aaron proposed thoughtfully limiting consumption of global brands and focus instead on buying local. In Bellingham buying local isn’t a new concept. It’s ingrained in who we are as a community. My response to Aaron is a hearty yes, quickly followed with the question “what else?”

Our answer to that question is to keep talking about global climate change. To continue the important work of increasing the efficiency of our clients’ homes and helping them reduce their carbon footprint. To advocate for science based decision making at all levels of government. We’ve never shied away from issues that some other businesses may consider risky or controversial. We’ve weighed the risks and decided that the cost of inaction is much higher than the cost of action.

Our action items

  • Attend local protests, including the upcoming March for Science.
  • Continue sharing information on our social media pages about global climate change.
  • Call elected officials to voice our concerns about bills and potential new cabinet members.
  • Continue the important work of increasing the building performance of our clients homes. One home at a time we are making a difference and helping our clients reduce their carbon footprints.
  • Attend workshops, conferences and seminars about building performance with the end goal of building and remodeling homes that are increasingly efficient, durable and healthy.
  • Support our local community by buying local, promoting local businesses and taking part in local, small business organizations like Sustainable Connections.

In this political environment it is easy to feel insignificant. To feel like our voice doesn’t matter. Our collective voice is powerful. Our collective actions are even more so. The current administration cannot stop us from increasing our knowledge of building performance, it also cannot stop us from reducing our (and our clients) carbon footprints. There are so many battles to fight right now and we can’t all fight every one of them. This is the one we’ve chosen, as green builders, to take part in.