Imagine! That Home and Landscape Tour

Home and Landscape Tour Bright Green project

15th annual Imagine This! Home and Landscape Tour

The 15th annual Imagine This! Home and Landscape Tour is only a few weeks away. Whether you’re a do it yourselfer or someone looking for a general contractor, there will be something interesting to see and learn. There are 8  eco-friendly, amazing homes and landscapes on the tour this year. Two of those are Chuckanut Builders projects.

Bright Green Project

The Bright Green Project was a highly collaborative project with with Michael Smith Architecture, Spiral Design[bundle] design studio and Jane and Nelson Bright (the homeowners).

Jane and Nelson knew they wanted a centrally located home and found a beautiful infill site with a view. Together the team designed and built a beautiful, super high performance home. Arguably, this is one of Whatcom County’s most comfortable homes. The home boasts a super insulated building envelope, 3” of exterior cork insulation, aggressive air sealing details, an innovative heating and ventilation system from Northwest Energy Systems, and locally made, high performance Cascadia windows.

Our team included aging in place design elements. We also prioritized green, durable materials that were locally-made, recyclable and toxin free. This project highlights the reality that building has gone from a blue collar trade to a science.

Learn more about some of the building performance measures we used on this project here.


Dillman Depot

Bellingham exterior cork insulationWhen we started working with Bob Dillman in 2015 he had been slowly increasing the efficiency of the Pan Abode house on his property. He had added ceiling insulation, new windows, solar panels, a heat pump and a tankless water heater. The cedar log home was still cold and drafty. That’s where we came in.

With the help of the Community Energy Challenge and Small Planet Supply we completed an extensive building performance upgrade. The upgrade included a weather resistant barrier, installing 3″ Thermacork exterior insulation and extensive air sealing.
Bob opted to use locally harvested and milled cedar siding from Greenleaf Forest Products for siding.

And that’s just the log house. The property and gardens are built into terraced landscapes and provide ample food throughout the harvest months. This property highlights how much can be done in a relatively small space when your’e motivated by sustainability.