NW Ecobuilding Guild Green Building Slam

After years of attending green building conferences we’re moving from the audience to the stage! In early November we are presenting at the Northwest Green Building Slam.  The Green Building Slam is part of the NW Green Building Summit, organized by the NW Ecobuilding Guild. The slam will highlight 10 innovative, sustainable, high-performance “green” buildings that push the envelope in our built environment—one of which is our project. The projects range from residential to multi-family to mixed use developments in the Pacific Northwest.

The project

We will be sharing project details and lessons learned from this recent near net zero project.  This project taught us that we should strive to increase building performance on every project. The key is finding what motivates our clients and speaking to that. Our clients wanted a more durable, comfortable and healthy home. Unbeknownst to them, when they purchased the home, there was water damage and rot in some of the siding. This brought home the importance of increasing the health and durability of the home. The solution involved bringing in [bundle] design, who worked as a building performance consultant on this project. Building performance measures included adding exterior insulation, a rain screen, a weather resistive barrier; completing extensive air sealing; adding insulation; installing high performance windows and improving the ventilation systems. These measures created a high performance, high quality home.

Keep an eye on our social media pages, we’ll share a link to a video of the full presentation after the event.