Before and after

Prepare to have your mind blown. We didn’t just remodel this home, we transformed it. The main floor feels like a completely new space. This beautiful home had potential, we just needed to knock down some walls to achieve it.

Kitchen turned living room- before and after

The before picture on the left is the original kitchen. It was on the street side of the home with very little natural light and no view. The kitchen was a very discrete room and felt isolated from the rest of the home. The kitchen was replaced with a light filled sitting room that serves as both entry and cozy movie room.

Bellingham general contractor living room remodel

Living room turned kitchen- before and after

These two photos are taken from roughly the same spot. Where the couch sits in the left image is where the range now stands. There is so much more natural light in this space!

Renew Woods cabinetry Bellingham

Entry- before and after

These pictures were not taken from the same reference point, but close. The after photo was taken while standing next to the stairs, so you get the idea! Instead of looking into a hallway you’re facing a light filled, gorgeous kitchen.

Renew Woods cabinets Bellingham

Our clients are thrilled with how the remodeled space turned out. Find the portfolio and project details here and check out more before and after pictures from other projects here.