Yes on Initiative 1631

We endorse Initiative 1631

We recently endorsed Initiative 1631. Initiative 1631 qualified for the ballot in July with the support of scientists, health professionals, environmental and clean energy advocates, businesses and working families. We’re excited, and hopeful, about this initiative. We’re hopeful because it will cut pollution, invest in clean energy infrastructure, healthy forests and clean water. It will do this while creating thousands of good jobs across the state. And, the revenue will come from fees on large polluters and rising annually, as it should!

This initiative will:
– Create good jobs

– Invest in clean water

– Cut pollution

– Invest in healthy forests

– Support clean energy



If Initiative 1631 passes in November Washington state will be the first state to adopt a carbon tax policy. We will be combating climate change by charging polluters for the right to emit carbon dioxide and other potent greenhouse gases.

The time is right

The time is right, on many levels, for this policy. Climate change is real and it’s impacts are being felt. And, people (finally) believe it. Yale Climate Opinion Maps tracked climate change beliefs, risk perceptions and policy support at a state and local level and found that 78% of Washington residents believe CO2 should be regulated as a pollutant. They also found that 69% of Washingtonians agree that fossil fuel companies should pay a carbon tax.

November may be months away but it’s not too early to start talking about, learning about and supporting important initiatives like this one. We hope you’ll join us and vote us on Initiative 1631.