Defining green building

Green building is a concept that begins with the premise that the build environment has a profound impact on the building’s inhabitants and the natural environment. The goal of green building is to magnify the positive effects of the building while mitigating the negative effects. There are many different elements of this building method, however at the most basic level it focuses on energy use, water use, and indoor air quality.

window installation and cork insulation detailsThe vast majority of our projects are major home remodels. Major home remodels present different opportunities and limitations than building a new green home. Remodeling a home can be a greener option than building a new home. This is because upgrading, rather than replacing, materials requires less energy. This is a point of much conversation in the green building industry. One thing is clear, there is a time and a place for both.

It’s important to understand why we’re green builders. Green building impacts how we live in our homes. It’s better for our health, it increases the lifespan of the building while simultaneously decreasing future maintenance costs, and it results in a home that is comfortable enough to walk around in barefoot all year long. And yes, you will save money on your energy bill. Put simply, green building measures make houses work better and we’re driven to do better, by our clients, by our children and by the planet. Building account for 40% of greenhouse emissions annually. We know that we can, and must, reduce that number. Working as a green builder is helping us do just that.