A Mid Century Modern Home-Before & After

Do you love looking at before and after pictures of projects as much as we do? On some projects the before and pictures are quite dramatic. Views open up, the kitchen moves, walls are taken out. This project isn’t like that. The changes weren’t enormous, but they made a big impact.

This home was built in the 1950’s and had never been updated. It was time. As you can see in the before photos, everything was original, from the countertops to the layout. Our goal was to honor the original design while also modernizing it. We did that by improving the lighting, updating all of the finishes (we’re talking cabinets, countertops, backsplash, flooring, paint, all of it!) and building structural support to aforementioned beautiful ceiling. Have a look.

Kitchen to dining room

The galley kitchen really works in this house. But, it was dark. We updated the lighting, installed white quartz countertops, white oak cabinets by Smith and Vallee, and painted a few key walls white. It made a huge difference.

Kitchen to dining room before

Kitchen to dining room after

Galley kitchen

Again, the white oak cabinets are really central to lightening up this kitchen. The original cabinets were dark and overpowering. In addition, we moved the refrigerator, updated the appliances and installed slate flooring.

Galley kitchen before

Smith and Vallee cabinets in a Bellingham kitchen remodel
Galley kitchen after

Visit our portfolio to see more pictures of the project and find details about materials, the design team, and more.

After photos courtesy of Chris DiNottia.