Lending A Hand At The YWCA

This week Abby spent some time at the Bellingham YWCA, installing handrails. It’s heartwarming for us to be able to give back to the community, whether that means making a financial donation or helping with building projects.

When we consider organizations to sponsor and events to donate to, we consider how closely their values align with ours. In addition, we focus on organizations with a focus on green building, climate change, housing, and the wilderness. That last one might seem like a strange fit, but pretty much everyone at Chuckanut Builders loves to adventure in the mountains so we’ve decided it makes sense. This particular project has a clear focus on housing, for a demographic who need safe, stable housing options.

The goal of the YWCA housing program is to give single women in transition a safe, supportive place to stay while connecting them with the appropriate resources to get their lives back on track and become self-supporting. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of that mission, and helping keep your clients safe.

Kudos to the YWCA for the important work that y’all do!