A Different Kind Of Before & After

I love a good before and after slideshow. Generally, they include a house with say, pink granite countertops throughout the house, living spaces that have been divided up into tiny rooms with no view, or homes that were built in the 50’s and haven’t been touched. We love these stories, but this one is different. 

This is a story materials. About turning a pile or what easily could have turned into scrap into something beautiful, functional and lasting. 

Salvaging reclaimed fir flooring
Fir flooring that was removed from the old Blackburn Building.
Cleaning reclaimed fir flooring
Prepping and sanding the reclaimed fir floor salvaged from the Blackburn Building.

I have a feeling that when most folks look at the above pile of lumber they don’t think, that would make a beautiful desk! That however, is what we saw. We took the material from the Blackburn Building. It was flooring from main floor. It’s fir, which is considered a soft wood, and it was painted. The crew took care during demolition, working to minimize damage to the material as it was removed and high grading it, selecting the best pieces to use for finish material.

Nails were removed, each piece was sanded and used to build lasting, beautiful storage, including the reception desk and for shelving throughout the office. We will be sharing more photos of this project as we move through the final stages of the construction process

Front desk Natural Systems Design
The reception desk at Natural Systems Design, made with reclaimed fir salvaged on site.