One Small Act

Join us in acting now to build a more just and inclusive community!

Best of the northwest votingEvery year on July 1st, Bellingham Alive kicks off their Best of the Northwest contest, and we share newsletters and social media posts to help get the word out. Sometimes we put in a plug for businesses we work with or have worked for. Other times we’ve simply advocated for local businesses that are close to our hearts. This year, we’re using a different strategy.  

Over the past few months we started the slow, humbling and painful process of educating ourselves on the heartbreaking history of racism in America and the ways that history continues to impact people of color, especially Black and Indigenous people, today. We’re listening to podcasts and radio shows; watching documentaries, interviews and movies; and reading, fiction and non-fiction books and news articles about White privilege, race, slavery, the prison system and all of the other policies that perpetuate systemic racism in America. In this process we’re beginning to grapple with the ways our actions, or more often, our inactions, make an impact. What has become abundantly clear is that in matters of racism and inequality, failure to act is an action that supports the racist status quo.

There are many ways to contribute to building a strong anti-racist movement. We know things won’t change overnight, but we are also committed to stepping away from our privileged complacency by taking action. One of those (small) actions is to use our platform to highlight our favorite local businesses that are owned (or co-owned) by people of color or women by voting for them in the Best of the Northwest Contest. We cannot change Bellingham’s ugly, racist past, but we can take action now, in big and small ways, to help build more just and inclusive community.

This list is a work in progress – we’d love to add to it, so please reach out and let us know who we’ve missed!







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