Doctober 2020

There aren’t many events to get excited about this season. We aren’t having backyard bbq’s with friends, celebrating weddings, seeing shows, or planning big Thanksgiving gatherings. And I miss it, all of it. 

One event that hasn’t been cancelled is Doctober. The good folks at the Pickford Film Center rallied and they have an awesome line-up for a fully virtual film festival.  Doctober is a film festival that celebrates documentaries. This year, the fully virtual festival includes a lineup of over 30 feature length documentaries and short films. The films span topics from social justice to environment to equity to art. We challenge you to watch something new, to step outside of your comfort zone to learn something new and to then share it with a friend.

My short list

There are so many good documentaries scheduled, it’s hard to narrow down which ones we want to watch! The good news is there are a handful of free movies to get you started. Here’s my short list of the movies I’m planning to watch.

FREE documentaries to get you started

  • Keepers of the Dream: Seattle Women Black Panthers
  • 24 Hours in the CHOP
  • 100 Days of Protest in Portland

This film is a must-see for anyone concerned about OUR land, it showcases the advantages of long-term ecological health of our land over short-term resource extraction. Public Trust is an eye opening call to action, to protect America’s Public Lands. Chuckanut Builders is proud to sponsor this film. We’re a company of avid climbers, kayakers, skiers, backpackers and outdoors folks. This film is especially close to our hearts.

The shorts list

Nearly all of the shorts are available as a package deal. For the cost of one ticket you can stream the shorts for a full week! I’m especially excited about the Magic of Chess and 100 Days of Protest.  

The Disrupted

This film feels especially timely. It follows three families in their struggle to attain the American Dream, while exposing the cracks in it. We watch them navigate a world of work damaged by corporations and are reminded of the difficult economic climate for many Americans. Somehow, the film manages to be both hopeful and honest. 

How does virtual screening work?

The Pickford site has directions on easy to follow instructions on their website about how to view the films. But what really matters is that if you select the film on the Pickford page, part of the proceeds goes to the Pickford Film Center, Bellingham’s only independent cinema.  

So, get your popcorn and get ready to settle in for some great, inspiring documentaries!