Ten Years & Building

Thank you for helping us build Chuckanut Builders

We are filled with gratitude as we enter our second decade in business—for the clients who have trusted us with their homes and welcomed us into their lives; for the remarkable skilled tradespeople we get to work with and for our steadfast, creative crew.


Because of your support, since 2010, we’ve carried out 255 remodeling projects and 161 energy and weatherization home upgrades in Bellingham and Whatcom County. These include everything from siding replacement to high performance new homes to light commercial construction remodels. It is likely that most folks in Bellingham have spent time at one of our commercial remodeling projects, having visited 3 Oms Yoga, Camber, Pure Bliss Desserts, or the newly opened CorePhysio building.

In addition, during our 6 years as a Community Energy Challenge (CEC) contractor we completed 161 CEC projects. The CEC was foundational in the early years of our business. It was a great opportunity for us to take a deep dive into applying building performance techniques to existing buildings. We learned so much during those years, from what materials to use to how to use them. It was also a steady source of work, the importance of which can’t be understated for those early years in business! We’ve carried the practices we learned with us, implementing building performance methods and using green materials to the extent possible on all of our projects.  


Building and remodeling homes is a highly personal process. Over the years we’ve come to realize we’re doing more than building homes; we’re also building lasting relationships. As we round the corner on our second decade in business, past clients are getting in touch again, with new projects. Working with repeat clients is both heartening and elucidating. It highlights both how we’ve evolved and improved as a business, as well as reminds us that we’ve stayed true to our values of authenticity, collaboration and craftsmanship.

At the start of every project we’re humbled anew by clients who welcome us into their homes and into their lives. Each and every client helps us fulfill our mission of building a resilient, sustainable community by bolstering the local economy and embracing innovation. The work we do creates permanent, livable-wage employment in Bellingham, for our crew, subcontractors, local manufactures and vendors.


In the spirit of living up to our tagline we try to give back as much as we can. It’s pretty easy in Bellingham, organizations that aspire to make the world a better place seem to truly flourish here. Your support has helped us commit to donating 3% of profits, largely to local organizations prioritizing climate justice, housing access, and the preservation of wild places.

Over the years we’ve also sponsored films at the Pickform Film Center, adopted the Gate & Switch trail at Galbraith with the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition, donated crew hours to the Whatcom Volunteer Center, sponsored events with the Kulshan Land Trust, donated raffle items to a handful of local non-profits and more. We are passionate about giving back, and it feels really good to be able to do it.  


We believe that work should be both fun and rewarding. Since founding the business we’ve worked hard to bring together a crew that is committed to sustainable building, who look forward to coming to work (at least most days!). We think it’s essential that our employees have the opportunity to grow professionally within the business while also having time to pursue personal endeavors. Our passion for these endeavors carries over into our professional lives and the work environment we have created together.

But we know it’s not enough to create a welcoming, fun work environment. The cost of living in Bellingham is high and it can be a challenge to make ends meet for folks in many industries. Over the past 10 years we have slowly, but steadily improved the benefits package we’re able to offer our employees and we’re proud to say that we offer highly competitive wages, health insurance, 401k, profit sharing, and a four-day work week.  

We’re doing more than building a business, we’re gathering a tight knit community of craftsmen and women who are committed to the craft, who care about the community and lucky for us, who are committed to helping us make Chuckanut Builders a trusted business in the Bellingham community.

Thank you for helping us build Chuckanut Builders!