Residential Remodels

Beautiful. Durable. Yours.

Remodeling homes is a very personal process. During the design phase we focus on your goals for the space, ensuring that the end product will meet your needs and align with your values. Our scope of remodels includes kitchen remodels, full home remodels, and additions. We work with a handful of building designers and can help you find a building designer whose aesthetic and communication style aligns with yours.

Comfortable, durable, healthy & efficient

Many of the homes we remodel are more than a century old. These homes have stories; beautiful, historic design details and quite often, very small kitchens! Remodeling homes, both old and new, is a way to honor the original craftsmanship of the home, while also ensuring that the home meets your needs. 

The homes we remodel are more comfortable and use less energy than the average home. They also require fewer repairs, have healthier indoor air quality, and they are quieter. Our focus isn’t simply keeping your energy bills low, our focus is making your home so comfortable that you can walk around your home barefoot, year-round, without thinking about slippers. Our focus is the health of your family and safeguarding the indoor air quality of your home. This focus, when paired with durable materials and time-tested building techniques increase the durability of your home. That means you’ll have more time to spend with your family, skiing at Mt. Baker or riding at Galbraith, and less time contemplating home repairs.

We do more than remodel beautiful homes; we build better homes.
Let’s do better for you, for your family and for the planet by asking more of your home.