Lake Whatcom watershed remodeling project

We build to last

Our bread and butter is custom new homes and full home remodels in Bellingham’s core neighborhoods. We build to last by selecting authentic, durable materials; using time tested building techniques; and installing high performance building systems to increase building durability.   


Materials are selected for aesthetics, function, sustainability and are sourced as locally as possible. We always consider material durability and indoor air quality when sourcing materials. We have a handful of favorite finish materials that we go back to time and time again. This includes cabinets, countertops, fixtures and flooring. It also includes a lot of wood products, which we tend to favor because they are typically sustainable, durable and beautiful. 

Building techniques

Our goal is to build durable, comfortable, healthy, high performance homes that are low maintenance and reflect your values. We use a combination of time tested building techniques and innovative building performance methods.   

Residential high performance

All of our projects include high performance building measures. Our standard building performance techniques include air sealing, insulation, rainscreen details, a durable building envelope, and energy efficient heating systems. These measures improve the health, durability, comfort and efficiency of a home.

New Homes

Building high performance green homes is both a craft and a science. Our crew has spent years perfecting the craft of building homes, utilizing both time tested building methods and innovative techniques. We work with a handful of building designers and architects and can help you find a designer whose aesthetic, values and communication style aligns with yours.
Throughout the design process we will serve as an advisor, focusing on buildability, cost implications, aesthetics, and durability.


Remodeling homes is a very personal process. During the design phase we focus on your goals for the space, ensuring that the end product will meet your needs and align with your values. Our scope of remodels ranges from kitchens to full home remodels to additions. We work with a handful of building designers and can help you find a building designers whose aesthetic and communication style aligns with yours.