Pros and cons of PaperStone countertops

Posted by on Jan 16, 2018 in Energy efficiency and green building

Recycled paper might not jump out at you as an ideal countertop material, but it is. When paper is combined with non-petroleum resin, heated and compressed it creates a hard and durable surface that is soft and forgiving. I’m talking about PaperStone. Paperstone was originally designed for use in skateboard parks, science labs, and marine environments. […]

NW Ecobuilding Guild Green Building Slam

After years of attending green building conferences we’re moving from the audience to the stage! In early November we are presenting at the Northwest Green Building Slam.  The Green Building Slam is part of the NW Green Building Summit, organized by the NW Ecobuilding Guild. The slam will highlight 10 innovative, sustainable, high-performance “green” buildings that push […]

What resistance looks like at Chuckanut Builders

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017 in Energy efficiency and green building

What resistance looks like at Chuckanut Builders Earlier this week we received an email from Aaron Fairchild. Aaron is the CEO of Green Canopy Homes. He suggested resisting the current administration with our pocketbooks. Aaron proposed thoughtfully limiting consumption of global brands and focus instead on buying local. In Bellingham buying local isn’t a new concept. It’s ingrained […]

Planning for spring projects

Posted by on Aug 25, 2016 in Energy efficiency and green building

Every year prospective clients call us after the winter holidays and ask if we can start their project in April. We always have to break the news that 1). Our calendar is full and 2). It takes 5-8 months to plan a project. Hence this blog post. Let’s cover a few project planning details that apply to […]