A quick video about weatherization.

As building science nerds we understand the importance of weatherizing homes and we want our clients to as well!  So we made this quick video that outlines what weatherization is and why it’s important.

Photo of the week: That’s a lot of solar panels!

Look at all of those solar panels!  We recently partnered with Western Solar on the 3rd largest solar array in Bellingham.  Western Solar installed the panels and we installed a roof hatch to provide access to the panels.  The solar array is on the roof of City Gates Apartments in downtown Bellingham.  Pictured below is Adam Butler […]

Chuckanut Builders Year End Review

As we reflect on 2011 we’re feeling a healthy dose of gratitude for our amazing community and the great crew, clients and subcontractors we are lucky enough to work with every day.  Without those two key elements 2011 would have looked much different for Chuckanut Builders. For starters, last year at this time we had […]

Community Energy Challenge 500 Homes Celebration

The Community Energy Challenge (CEC) will host a community celebration for the completion of 500 home energy assessments, helping more than 200 local homes complete energy efficiency retrofits. The event is August 15, 5:00 p.m. at the Boundary Bay Beer Garden and is open to the community. CEC Program staff, contractors, and participating households and […]