Home building Bellingham Building your team

The first step in the integrated design process is assembling your team. Doing this early is in the process is crucial to a successful, low stress project. Your team will include:

  • General contractor
  • Interior designer
  • Architect or building designer
  • Specialists, such as a structural engineer, landscape architect or HVAC specialists

Benefits of integrated design

  • Cost control- We provide buildability feedback and discuss the cost implications of design choices which could lead to major cost savings without compromising materials or finishes. 
  • Conventional design and planning often fail to recognize that buildings are large, complex systems. Failure to recognize buildings as a system can result in solving one problem while causing another. We bring our trade contractor in early in the process to ensure that all of the systems work together. This results in a durable, efficient, and lower maintenance home.
  • Integrated design requires more time up front. It’s worth it! Integrated design projects are faster, smoother and less stressful because major design decisions are made ahead of time. In addition, less design is done in the field and fewer changes are made during construction. The result is few changes orders and less frustration.