Meet the Team

Ian Rae

Head of Sales

collaborator, outgoing, out of the box thinker, adventurous, logical, positive, intentional, creative

Forest Chiavario

Senior Project Manager

supportive, problem solver, committed, humble, understanding, direct, knowledgeable, cool dude

Jenny Rae

 Communications Director

doer, efficient, perfectly practical, creative, kind, disciplined, driven, energetic

Kendall Dodd

Operations Director

leader, witty, foodie, direct, attentive, thoughtful, organized, clever

Leilani Jambor

Project Coordinator

detailed, sharp, motivated, bubbly, focused, knowledgeable, friendly, responsive

Sara Best

Project Manager

detail oriented, organized, driven, technically oriented, self-directed, well spoken

BJ Cassell

Project Manager

thoughtful, professional, deep thinker, well rounded, outdoorsman, motivated, inquisitive, thorough

Chris Tretwold

Site Superintendent

​teacher, talented, laughter, methodical, kind, easy going, leadership, genuine, active

Mike McAuley

Site Superintendent

inventor, community builder, goof ball, dedicated, well rounded, detail oriented, knowledgeable, engaging

Greta Nelson

Site Superintendent

wise, organized, adaptive, kind, cheerful, active, easy going, solid

Adam Butler

Site Superintendent

intuitive, thoughtful, steady, skilled, chill, open minded, clever, focused, thoughtful

Justin Loder

Site Superintendent

witty, diligent, real, family, creative, resourceful, eager, positive

Samuel Kurszewski

Finish Carpenter

quality, skillful, warm, intelligently funny, skilled, polished, easy going

Abby Norton​


thorough, genuine, fierce, sincere, fun, talented

Cameron Mowry


determined, uplifting, chummy, engaged, energetic, helper, learner

Ken Gregory​


crafty, kind, cheerful, hardworking

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