Chris and Hilary’s new house

Posted by on Apr 3, 2019 in Opinions
  • High performance new home Bellingham

  • Custom kitchen cabinets Bellingham

  • Whatcom County general contractor

  • Ceiling paneling and wood stove

  • Living room, living room and kitchen

  • Upstairs hallways natural light

We have a pretty awesome crew. Clearly I’m biased…but it’s true. Beyond being skilled craftspeople our crew is made of community builders, mountain athletes, creative thinkers, urban farmers, sensational chefs and overall, good people. When we asked folks to describe their co-workers they used descriptors like collaborator, committed, inquisitive, inventor, and laughter.

These traits serve folks well in the field. Chris Tretwold, a Site Lead at Chuckanut Builders, tested that theory over the past year. With his partner Hilary’s help and support they built their new home. It’s beautiful, durable and high performance. While this project isn’t exactly a Chuckanut Builders project we’re proud to share the photos. Chris and Hilary did the bulk of the work themselves, with one notable exception. Jeffery Elkins of Renew Woods built the custom, reclaimed fir cabinets.

Kudos Chris and Hilary, the house is beautiful!

Thanks to Eric Mickelson who shared these photos of Chris and Hilary’s house with us.