the goal

In the summer of 2015 Amy Robinson, the owner of 3 Oms Yoga Studio, contacted us. She was looking for a building to purchase. Our initial role was to act as a consultant, looking at design feasibility, buildability and the cost of remodeling. Amy found the old Nordstroms space on Cornwall and she knew she’d found the perfect spot.

project details

The new 3 Oms space on Cornwall has had many uses. It was most recently used as a call center, housing a number of super small office spaces and space for rows and rows of desks! Our first order of business was to remove the office spaces. We then built out two large yoga studios. a reception area, and lounge area. The lounge area is bound to be very popular with 3 Oms clients, it’s a beautiful space. We also added two bathrooms, two massage studios (which will be used by Verita Massage) and locker room.

  • The reception desk was designed and built by Arthur Johnson of Art Works Construction,  out of reclaimed fir, Paperstone and reclaimed bowling alley slabs.
  • Armadillo Design Lab was the building designer for this project.
  • Erik and Brandon at Ashley Vance Engineering did some tricky problem solving to build the lounge area.
  • The existing white oak floors were refinished by Robbins Hardwoods.
  • The beautiful, existing stained glass windows were saved and incorporated into the design plan.
  • Marmoleum flooring was used in the bathrooms and locker room area. Marmoleum is a natural linoleum material that is bio-based, highly durable, non-toxic and anti microbial.
  • Cork flooring was used in the massage studios. It’s non-toxic, moisture resistant, thermally insulating and is made from renewable sources.

Photos by Damian Vines Photography.

what the client said

Chuckanut Builders remodeled my yoga studio, 3 Oms Yoga Studio, beautifully and finished on time and on budget! I loved working with this team so much, I’m going to have them remodel my house next. Excellent communication, high quality work and eco-conscious.