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the goal

Have you ever dreamed of having an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)? Our clients had. And, they had the perfect space for it. I think their biggest concern now may be that their guests will never want to leave!

the team

project details

This ADU was remodeled as part of a major remodel. Prior to the remodel the space was awkward. The floor plan was disjointed, a large beam ran across the ceiling supporting other beams, and the kitchenette layout wasn’t conducive to cooking.

Spiral Design worked with our clients to design a charming suite. The compact kitchen is fun to cook in, the space is full of natural light and it feels spacious despite it’s small footprint.

  • The kitchen cabinets were built by Renew Woods. The cabinet color is SeaStar by Benjamin Moore and the countertop material is paperstone, one of our favorite countertop materials!
  • Both the bathtub and kitchen stove were already in the space, they couldn’t fit the space more perfectly.

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Photos by Chris DiNottia.

what the client said

Let’s be honest: a long term, big ass remodel is a big deal that requires the best from everyone. And Forest, Ian, Chris, and Adam, as well as the rest of their team, were part of our family, our day to day rhythm and figuring out the details of our well organized project. If you’re a diva, they’d figure out how to work with you successfully. But seriously, don’t be a diva. A big remodel or build is a privilege, not a right, so don’t be a bonehead. These are people who knock themselves out to make things right. If you’re a human who’s doing their best, they’ll work well with you too. Clear, concise, honest boundaries, and uncompromising quality, we think the world of this company. (And they’re good people).