the goal

Our clients bought this home because of the dramatic views over Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island, the natural light afforded by the tall clerestory windows and the solar exposure. However, the house lacked a few key characteristics that they were hoping for. They wanted better connection between the social spaces, the kitchen needed to be opened and expanded, and the master suite was confined and boring so they hired Chuckanut Builders for a full home remodel.

project details

The key players in this full home remodel were [bundle] design studio, Armadillo Design Lab, Community Energy Challenge and Smith and Vallee Woodworks.
The owners felt confident that their new home could meet their need without adding space, so the first step was to evaluate the existing features. Through thoughtful evaluation and design the home was redesigned to reflect our client’s lifestyle and personalities. The redesign also respects the bold expression of the original design. Major changes included:

  • Removed the massive masonry fireplace to open the living and dining areas to the kitchen
  • Increased the kitchen and pantry size
  • Shortened the existing master closet to expand the master bath and make way for a spacious shower with a bay view
  • Structural modifications were made to increase natural light in the kitchen and to increase the size of the master bedroom
  • Updated finishes and flooring were added throughout to refresh the starkly modern interior, including white quartz countertops to contrast with dark walnut cabinetry and glass tile abutting pitted steel plate
  • Completed extensive air sealing and added insulation to increase the comfort, durability, and efficiency

Photos by Chris DiNottia.