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The moment Ian walked into this house we knew it would be a fun project for us. Built in the 1950’s and never updated, this home was ready for an update. Everything was original, we’re talking countertops, layout, flooring, the amazing ceiling, everything. The goal was to honor the original design while also modernizing it. We did this by improving the lighting, adding a few painted walls, and building structural support to aforementioned beautiful ceiling.

project details

Our clients worked closely with Michelle Banks, owner of Spiral Studios. They selected simple, timeless design elements including white oak cabinetry, slate flooring, herringbone tile details, and clean white walls. In addition, the long, white quartz countertops in the kitchen are a great counterpoint to the pecan ceiling, while the classic cabinets add useful, beautiful storage.

Nearly all of the design elements were repeated throughout the home, in the bathroom, entryway and living room, to create a cohesive living space that is seamless to move through. Perched on South Hill, this mid century modern home has a commanding view of Bellingham Bay and is truly a modern day oasis.

Photos courtesy of Chris DiNottia.

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