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  • Bellingham kitchen remodel

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  • Green building remodel Bellingham

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  • Bellingham green home remodel

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  • Master bathroom remodel Bellingham

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  • Green building custom home remodel Bellingham

the goal

Our clients purchased this home because they loved the location and the view. The home was built in the late 1990’s, had pink granite throughout the house (eww!) and the siding was failing. The primary goals were to remodel the kitchen, achieve a toward net zero building performance, update the interior and exterior, and add another bedroom.

project details

The team:

Step one was to call the ReStore. The pink granite had to go! Once that was done we repaired the failing siding, built the addition, and reconfigured the kitchen and dining room area. The failed siding caused significant water damage and mold. We’re lucky we caught it as early and there wasn’t more damage.

In addition to replacing the siding we completed extensive building performance work. This included installing exterior cork insulation and a rain screen; completing substantial air sealing; and installing high performance Euroline windows. This work was completed as part of the Toward Net Zero pilot program run by the Community Energy Challenge. This program provided funding and technical assistance and helped us achieve higher home performance.

The interior designer for the project was Michelle Banks. At the time Michelle was an employee of Chuckanut Builders. She is now the owner and operator of  Spiral Design Studio. Michelle worked closely with Smith and Vallee on this project, as they built all of the cabinets for this project.

I love the cohesiveness of this home. The home is simple, elegant and fluid thanks to the walnut cabinets, white oak flooring, all white walls (except for the fun turquoise powder room!) and white quartz countertops that are used throughout the home.

Another detail that folks are sure to ask about is the living room fireplace surround. Michelle sourced large format porcelain tile that runs all the way to the ceiling. It certainly makes a statement. High performance building and beautiful design can go hand in hand, this project certainly proves that.

To see the extent of the changes check out the before and after pictures.

Photos by Chris DiNottia.

what the client said

We worked with Chuckanut on a full house remodel with addition. They were realistic (and pretty accurate) about dates/timelines, great about offering suggestions and ideas, and excellent at communicating issues in a timely and effective manner while also offering potential solutions. Our on site manager Chris was amazing to work with! Highly recommend.





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